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Graphics Converter Pro for Vector 7.6

Converts graphic files among a really large number of formats, including PDF
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Converts graphic files among a really large number of formats, including PDF. Graphics Converter Pro for Vector can convert image files from virtually any existing format into more than a hundred others. In addition, this "for vector" version also supports various vector graphic formats, such as DWF, DXF, DWG, PCT, and WMF. The program can convert from and into PDF format, too.

Graphics Converter Pro for Vector does not limit itself to converting graphics files, however. It can act as a basic graphic editor too, as it includes several effects and filters that can be applied to a particular image easily. Moreover, the program includes a graphics viewer for you to watch images in their full resolution. It allows you to zoom the image in and out, watch it at full-screen size, or even delete it. And even more interesting yet, this viewer allows you to move from one image to the next within the same folder either manually or through an automatic slide-show presentation.

The program's user interface behaves as a file explorer. On the left side you have access to all the contents of your computer drives. You can expand or collapse any folder. The right area of the interface, however, is divided into three panels. The first panel offers you a list of all the images contained in the selected folder. You are allowed to select or deselect them individually. Furthermore, you can drag files from Windows explorer to this panel – you will see them listed with the others even though they are not physically in the selected folder. As for the second and third panels, both will show you a preview of the image file selected – in the second panel you will always see the original image, while the third panel will show you how the effects and filters you apply to your image look like. Besides, if you double-click on any of the files in the first panel, the image viewer will be launched automatically.

You may want to make use of a very novel feature of this program, labeled “HDB Load” - HDB stands for Hard Disk Buffer. It is very useful when you need to convert or edit heavy files with a high resolution. It helps you to prevent your system from crashing or hanging due to excessive memory usage by creating a disk file that will act as a support for the memory.

Finally, you can use the "Convert" button to open the conversion window. It allows you to choose one or more of the multiple supported formats you can convert your source files into, including PDF. There are also some additional format-related parameters that you can configure - for example, you can set the page size for the PDF format, or the resolution and quality of a JPG file. In addition, you will need to decide if you want to convert only the current file, all the selected (checked) ones, or all the files listed (both existing in the folder and dragged). In other words, the program supports batch conversion, so that it can convert several files into several formats in one single step.

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